Help is here to

  • identify and refine your short-term and long-range marketing goals and objectives, and the strategies and tactics to achieve them
  • target your message to the appropriate audiences
  • position your company or brand to compete in the marketplace
  • prepare a strategic marketing plan along with a budget and schedule to get the work done
  • review, develop and/or enhance your brand, including your logo, tag line, business cards, letterhead and other promotional materials—aligned across all marketing channels
  • create content and build your website, set up email marketing campaigns and newsletters, establish social media profiles, and optimize your online presence for search engines

A word about the process

It’s important to me that we build a trusting relationship where I have a good understanding of your needs and you are confident in my abilities. An initial consultation can explore whether we are a good fit. This meeting can be used to address your most pressing need which might include

  • an audit of your brand to make it more consistent with your mission
  • an analysis of your competitors, providing feedback on how their services are presented online
  • research on advertising vehicles as the basis for a print campaign
  • a survey of your website, commenting on organization and content
  • a discussion of your social media use, with suggestions for content and channels

In this face-to-face meeting, I can learn more about your organization, your style, and the general culture of your organization. This allows me to create a personalized, comprehensive plan based on your requirements.

Contact me for more information about how I work.